Each participating Theatre must submit an "Annual Application Form" each year they wish to participate. On the application form the theatre company must declare what type of company they wish to be considered for the purposes of NHTA adjudication for that year. (see "Theatre Company / Categories"). Once selected, the theatre company may not change it's category for that year.

The company must also declare the number of shows it wishes to submit for adjudication that year, including tentative dates. (see "Productions / Eligibility").

Upon submission of the application form, the theatre company affirms that they meet the eligibility requirements for participation. (see "Theatre Companies / Eligibility"). The NH Theatre Awards Operating Committee must approve the application for the Theatre Company to participate.



Each Theatre Company can request to have up to 2 productions (Musical or Drama/Comedy) adjudicated per NHTA calendar year. A third production is permitted if at least one (1) of the 3 submissions is an original play. (see "Productions / Categories / Original Play"). The details for these shows (titles, dates, venue etc...) must be entered into the NHTA website by the company liaison prior to the published deadline so that adjudicator assignments may be made in a timely manner. (see "Productions / Submissions").



Each participating Theatre Company must provide one (1) and only one person to serve as Liaison. The Liaison is the main point of communication between the theatre company and the NH Theatre Awards. The NHTA provides mandatory annual training for Liaisons. (see "Liaisons / Obligations"). It is the Theatre Companies responsibility to ensure that their Liaison attends the required training.



Each participating Theatre Company must provide at least one (1) person to serve as a Primary Adjudicator for each (1) production they request to have adjudicated. Adjudicators are expected to adjudicate 6 productions each year. Companies are free to provide additional people to serve as Back-Up Adjudicators, and the NHTA encourages them to do so, if able. Providing at least one adjudicator per show submitted ensures that there will be enough adjudicators to cover all submissions in the NHTA calendar year. The NHTA provides mandatory annual training for adjudicators. (see "Adjudicators / Obligations). It is the Theatre Companies responsibility to ensure that their Adjudicators attend the required training. It is also the theatre company's responsibility to maintain the minimum number of required adjudicators throughout the year. If an adjudicator resigns or is otherwise unable to serve, the company may upgrade one of its Back-Up adjudicators to Primary status to complete the year. If the company does not have the needed Back-Up adjudicator, they may petition the NHTA to solicit an "unaffiliated" Back-Up adjudicator to serve. If no replacement can be found, the company may be required to rescind any performances following through to the end of the year.



Each participating Theatre Company must set aside at no cost six (6) tickets per production run, one (1) for each adjudicator brought in to judge their production.