Besides having attended the annual NHTA Training, the requirements to be an NH Theatre Awards Adjudicator are:

Primary Adjudicators must be affiliated with a specific Theater Company.

Expectations for ALL Adjudicators are:

  • Abide by the Adjudicator "Code of Conduct"
  • Have access to an Internet connected computer for NHTA Website access to input Ballots & enter in expected attendance dates
  • Have a valid email address that is actively reviewed
  • Submit and maintain accurate contact information for themselves on the NHTA Adjudication website
  • Have the ability to travel to theatre venues that may be up to 3 hours drive
  • Upon receipt of an assignment, Adjudicators are expected to confirm their attendance date via email or phone with the Producing Theatre Company’s Liaison no later than 7 days prior to the Production’s open date. After the confirmation is done, this date must be entered into the NHTA Website
  • Submit completed ballots via the NHTA Adjudication website within 30 days of the closing date of the production


  • Primary Adjudicators are expected to attend, adjudicate, and score up to six (6) Productions per year.
  • Only Primary Adjudicators are directly assigned Adjudications from NHTA Administrators.


  • Back-up Adjudicators may or may not be affiliated with a specific Theatre Company.
  • Back-up Adjudicators will not be directly assigned adjudications by the NHTA administrators.
  • Back-up Adjudicators will be assigned adjudication that Primary Adjudicators cannot attend by volunteering for available assignments that arise from Primary Adjudicator "Reassignment Requests". Notices of available assignments are emailed to ALL adjudicators.
  • Back-up Adjudicators cannot be guaranteed to receive an Adjudication Assignment


  • Unaffiliated Adjudicators are Back-Up Adjudicators who are not affiliated with a specific Theatre Company.

REGARDING "YOUTH" PRODUCTIONS: Any Adjudicator not representing a "Youth" company may "opt out" of Adjudicating "Youth" productions simply by indicating this to the NH Theatre Awards Adjudication Administrators via the online "Request Reassignment" process explained in annual NHTA Training.